agosto 20, 2014


agosto 15, 2014

Kneisen Visitors Center


Kneisen is a dual purpose visitors center at the Black Glaciar in northern Norway. The building works both as a centre for eco-tourism and research on new environmentally friendly technology. The building’s design is inspired by the rock glacier has brought with him and left in strange places in the landscape, when the ice finally ...

agosto 08, 2014

Mountain Hill Cabin Winter


The project is a winter cabin to be built in a highly restricted area in the mountain landscape of Ål in Norway. The cabin is designed as a landscape element that leads wind and snow around and over the building. One of the client’s initial wishes was to be able to actually go skiing, sledge riding and picnicking on top of the cabin. The ...

En junio de 2014 el arquitecto chileno Alejandro Aravena se refirió a los temas de desarrollo urbano, la planificación y lo difícil que es la coordinación urbana en Santiago en el programa Tolerancia Cero de Chilevisión. ...